Inclusive Education: Graduate Diploma

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The Graduate Diploma in Inclusive Education is offered by the Departments of Psychology and Educational Studies. This diploma is designed as a one-year (two-semester) program. This proposed graduate diploma focuses on inclusive education, which is about how schools, classrooms, programs, and activities are developed and designed, so that all students of different abilities and backgrounds can effectively learn and participate together. As indicated by the scientific literature, students with learning difficulties and other challenges should not be segregated, stigmatized, or excluded from educational opportunities, and students who are gifted and talented should not have their potential constrained by the academic system.

Relevant and adequate education for all learners is a human right, under the Convention for the Rights of Disabled Persons and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (both of which Egypt has ratified). In addition, the Egyptian Constitution also guarantees access to appropriate educational opportunities for students with learning disabilities and those who are gifted (Articles. 81 and 82, 2014).

The program is unique in the region because it is jointly offered by the Departments of Educational Studies and Psychology, with interdisciplinary perspectives enhancing the theory and methods taught. This graduate program, perfectly adapted to individuals in either the psychology or education fields, or both, provides students with broader well-rounded skills and will open up diverse pathways and jobs in the sectors relevant to both psychology and education. Further, this graduate program could also be a stepping stone toward a master's or doctorate for educators or psychologists who wish to develop a more specialized level of expertise.


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